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CL Hair On Hide Ranger Belt

CL Hair On Hide Ranger Belt

The Ranger Belt's distinct style has separate sewn on tapered billet and buckle pieces. Though a ranger belt may be the same width as a standard belt, the lack of a larger heavier buckle gives the belt a less "weighty" feel when worn especially condisering how large many western buckles are. With such a small 5/8" billet and buckle end in relation to the belt, the rest of the belt is slipped through a keeper on the backside to retain a super sturdy fit. This belt features a new old stock 1930's North & Judd 5/8" nickle buckle.


Concerning Hair on Hide Belts: 

After having made calfskin belts for years people always seem surprised at how many looks a hair on hide belt goes with other than western. The hide selection is crucial to achieving a good looking belt. The hair can't be too short and bristly as I've seen some makers use. A good healthy haired hide with some shine is required and then you've got to give it the right haircut. The whole hide can be turned to belts but is there an unsightly cow lick? Are you getting an even coverage of white and brown spots on the belt? I will instead forgo using the entire hide to cherry pick the spots to use to attain the best belt. I've seen very high end retailers make similar belts with and awful mixture of patterns on it. All white with one tiny spot of brown to sit awkwardly over your left hip and visa versa. Although every hide is different, you're guaranteed to get an even coverage on this belt. 


  • 1 1/2" wide belt (5/8" front buckle piece)
  • 5/8" new old stock North & Judd buckle
  • Herman Oak Veg Tan lining
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