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CL "Hot Iron" Branded Guitar Strap

CL "Hot Iron" Branded Guitar Strap

Of all the vintage guitars and modern reproductions there are out there, there are seriously lacking many vintage inspired guitar straps to go along with them. In the same way that using cheap cables with your vintage amp makes the whole setup tonally kind of pointless so will having a big clunky strap take away from your vintage instrument especially if you're trying to dress the part as well. 


-To attain your guitar strap length measure center hole to hole on a current strap of yours. I'll make that the center hole of your new strap and give it a few holes in each direction for adjustment.


  • Sheerling Wool Lined Shoulder Pad
  • Herman Oak Veg Tan Western Tooling Leather
  • New Old Stock 1930's North & Judd 3/4" 3-Piece Buckle Set
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