1930's CL Chain Spot Motif

1930's CL Chain Spot Motif

Centered around one very large domed spot is a pattern taken from a childs belt, most likely attached to a cap gun and holster set. A "chain spot" flanked by two jewels here was not often seen on these belts but was mostly found on riding belts, kidney belts and adorning engineer boots. Another unique feature is the embossing pattern which consists of a vine running down the center and a geometric flower pattern along the border. 1 3/4" in Black


  • 1940’s  Floral center embossing with floral geometric edge embossing
  • Foil-backed Acryllic Faceted Jewels
  • Codina Leather nickel plated steel pressed 1930’s “Indian motif” buckle
  • Herman Oak Grade A Natural Tooling hide
  • Hand Painted Edges
  • Black
  • - Estimated delivery 6 weeks

    Codina Leather belts are made to order. Each belt is made to your size and specifications of the model number. 

  • How to measure belt size:

    The most reliable way to obtain the correct belt size for an order is to take it from an old belt that the wearer is comfortable with. Lay the old belt out as straight as possible on a flat surface. Measure from the end of the buckle tongue to the hole most worn or used. This is your belt size.