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Steerhead & Cactuses Guitar Strap

Steerhead & Cactuses Guitar Strap

A continuation of the production of a very famous guitar strap from the 1950s, made from not just a similar pattern, but from the very embossing wheel which originally stamped this steerhead pattern onto the leather for the run of these straps in the 1950s.

It came to Codina Leather from an auction of the old western belt company which was originally contracted to produce them. Each detail in these steel embossing wheels were hand-stamped, and much like a fingerprint, can be traced. This steel wheel which came into our hands produced that very belt in the catalog photo pictured here, and it produced this vintage guitar strap also pictured side-by-side with this new Codina Leather reproduction. Look carefully and you'll see that the dots of the backgrounding line up, although worn only slightly by time and use. 

The only variation is a change in buckle sets to this 1930's-40's new old stock North & Judd 4-piece buckle set which was also in use on similar guitar straps of the era. 


- 8/9oz Herman Oak Vegetable Tan Western Tooling Leather

- 1930's-40's new old stock North & Judd Steel Nickel-Plated 4-piece Buckle Set

- Russet Antique Finish

- 6 Inches Of Adjustment


To attain your guitar strap length, measure a strap which you currently use by setting it to your preferred length, then while laying it flat out on a table, measure from the center of one hole on the end of the strap to the center of the other hole at the opposite end. That measurement is your strap length.

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