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CL Waxed "Roughie" Rough Out Suede Belt

CL Waxed "Roughie" Rough Out Suede Belt

Expensive loafers, fine worsted wool slacks, a turtle neck, and a suede sport coat? Lee's with a plaid western shirt and boots? Canadian tuxedo? All are good candidates for a rough out belt.


Rough out is the fleshy underside of a leather hide. Some people confuse rough out with suede which can sometimes have a similar look. These hides have taken that fleshy underside of the rough out and given it a light sand to smooth out its imperfections giving it a suede like look. Not only does the waxing of this hide protect it, it brings out a lot more character in the breaking in and patina process. 


  • 1 3/4" Nickel Plated Double Prong 
  • Herman Oak Veg Tan Lining
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